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Putting pen to paper, at long last!

Writing a wedding blog has long been on my to-do list, and although I am already a fan of a full 2,200 character social media caption, I have much more that I wish to say, impart or discuss with you, my dear reader, from my work in the industry. Over the last 13years, I have witnessed hundreds of couples get married and, from the side-lines, watched as many personal stories are told and poignant, precious and painfully funny events unfold, bringing both tears and laughter lines to my eyes.

I also hope to indulge your eyes and ears with more detailed feature posts from weddings that have really had an impact on me as a musician and/or makeup artist, the reasons behind why they are particularly special, and share links to the websites of some of the greatest wedding suppliers and venues I am fortunate enough to share these days with so that you too, should you be in the planning process, can add them to your wedding day team of dreams.

I promise to be candid (I’m not sure I know any other way to be), reflective and have a bit of fun with this blog and, if you enjoy my musings, please do let me know and share with me anything you’d like to hear my take on next!

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